About MetonChem

MetonChem is a leading supplier of small molecule anticancer reagents, kinase inhibitors, APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), the related intermediates and other pharmaceutical related chemicals. We have operation office located in Wuhan and have research and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Tianjin, China.

Our team
We are not the biggest company in the industry, but our team includes qualified and talented synthetic and medicinal chemists. They have the experience to manage the complex activities and tight time lines required for synthesis projects. We are capable to provide qualified products and services at a very competitive price. You can rely on us to be a trustworthy partner for your research.

Our service
* Small molecules sourcing services
MetonChem have thousand of products in stock right now. All of them will be offered at a very competitive price.
* Research services
MetonChem also provide related research service, which includes custom organic synthesis, synthetic route optimization, synthetic process development, etc.